Sunday, August 24, 2008

WAM, punk shows and beer night!

This Friday and Saturday we went to the We Are Many Festival to pass out information and promote this year's Anarchist Bookfair. We gave away two cases of plums, and 250 leaflets. We did our best to bring some anarchist energy to an otherwise laid back festival. In fact, the one workshop attended by us was said to be the best discussion of the weekend by one of the organizers!

It was a kickoff to a more heavily promoted bookfair than years before. This September we will be having a beer night to fundraise for this years bookfair. Nestled between two amazing punk shows (Against Me! on the 11th, and Bad Religion on the 19th), join us in the basement of Winstons on September 13th. Look for us handing out information after both shows. Expect more updates in the coming days with details on this event.


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