Saturday, September 01, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is anarchism?
Answer: For a pretty comprehensive discussion of anarchist thought, see the Wikipedia article on anarchism. Short Answer: Anarchism is the belief that hierarchy (one party exerting power OVER another party) is harmful and should be replaced by non-hierarchical forms of organization. Many anarchists use consensus decision-making methods. Many anarchists also work against various forms of oppression, allying them with social justice activists. However, like any political belief, anarchism is an umbrella term encompassing a diversity of perspectives. The bookfair will be a great place to debate this definition!

2. How can you have a bookfair? Don't you want to destroy everything?
Answer: See number one. Also look up "nihilism" and "fatalism" in wikipedia while you're at it.

3. Why have a bookfair?
Answer: A bookfair can be a way to share information, spark discussion, provide free skill-building workshops to the public, allow anarchists and activists to network, spread alternative & radical media that is widely unavailable, and catalyze societal change. Plus it will be fun and relaxed, and you don't have to be an anarchist to come hang out.

4. Is it free? What costs money? Where does the money go?
FREE: Admission to the bookfair is free, and this includes vegan food, childcare, and all workshops. Donations will be accepted at the door.

$$: Vendors will be selling books and other media at the bookfair, usually at very low prices. The party on Saturday night has a sliding-scale admission of $3 - $10, which means that you can pay whatever you can afford in that range to get in. Drinks will be sold at the party.

Any money raised through donations at the bookfair or at the party will go directly to recoup expenses (eg. venue rental, food, printing, etc.) OR possibly to next year's event. The book-fair is entirely volunteer-run.

5. Are children welcome?
Answer: Absolutely! At all times during the book-fair on Saturday there will be a responsible, friendly someone designated to childcare so that parents can feel free to attend workshops. There will be fun activities set up for all ages.

6. Who's putting this on?
Answer: A few independent Saskatoon-based activists formed a committee. If you'd like to be on it to help plan for next year, let us know!

7. How can I help?
Answer: Show up and ask the organizers how to help in the kitchen, with child-care, or with set-up, take-down, and clean-up. We rely on casual volunteers to keep things running smoothly - please consider pitching in for a few minutes! But most of all, come to the bookfair and have a good time, bring your friends, and make some new connections. Afterward, please give us feedback on how you think the bookfair went.

More questions?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the FAQ...That's the best thing about other cities having fairs....we can steal each others ideas

and by "we" I mean me...and by "each others" I mean yours!

Solidarity and Love

Jeff (EABF)

6:54 PM  
Blogger The Saskatoon Crew said...

jeff, you rock! missin the crap out of you,


4:50 PM  

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