Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Hey everyone!

This is a reminder that the BLACK CARPET Anarchist Book Fair kick-off party is happening THIS FRIDAY at Cosmo Senior's Centre. The party STARTS at 7pm, so don't be late!

Dress snazzy, sip cocktails, and go wild to:

*DJ Swizzlestix (Saskatoon): lounge, exotica, abstract beats, crooning, limbo contests!
DJ Swizzlestix brings the diamond shaped sparkly back to sweet anarchy with her ultra-neo-fromage, all-vinyl blend of exotica and lounge classics, alongside some sweet instrumental hip-hop beats, live crooning, and perhaps the odd limbo contest or two.

*Ze and the Boyfriends
This super cute group's infectious indie/pop/new wave/dance/hardcore/electro sound is sure to move your bodies and dampen your undies!
Drawing influence from wonderfully puke-worthy trends such as spandex, Anna Nicole Smith, the Olsen Twins, plastic surgery and Barbie, Ze takes all that is shoved in our faces since day one and pukes it back into the media using modern media's tools: music, sex, image, propaganda and the internet.

*Red Medicine (Edmonton): Experimental/Indie/Mayhem!?
"For McGrath, and drummer Taylor Schaerer, punk rock doesn't necessarily equate spiky hair and studded leather. It’s rather an understanding of "punk" as a state of mind, a rebellious and constant quest for change. Red Medicine create harsh, furious noise extravaganzas which have taken root in the members’ punk origins, and then evolve them into huge sonic build-ups closer to free-form jazz and experimental music. Think Wolf Eyes meets Mogwai and you get the picture."
- Francois Marchand, SEE Magazine

*Trancer (Saskatoon):
Trancer, holy lord of the deepest of underground EDM culture, will emerge from his dark meditative domain equipted with weapons of mass excitation fully prepared to blisteringlly rock the hellshit out of the Anarchist Bookfair Pre-Party Black Carpet Event. Loading ballistic and explosive bombastic four on the floor scorchers into his digital decks, he will move the most rigid of the repressed, exorcize the most wild and untamed of inner demons, and make every boy and girl sacrifice themselves to the glory of his eurphoric golden grooves!!!

*The New Electric (Calgary): Anarchist New Wave!
What would you say would happen if a two-piece New Wave band with a drum machine shared a bill with punk and hardcore bands? Well, if that band is the New Electric, what happens is kids dance and get enthusiastic and, believe it or not, the band doesn't get beat up. The New Electric fuses a DIY Punk Ethic with a New Wave Style. Are you ready for the information age?

*Holzkopf (Saskatoon/Edmonton): a plethora of sounds by Jake...
"Hey Meagan,
I was hoping actually to do a live set of my super dancey stuff. Is a live set ok? Trust me when I say its ultra phat!

*Tapenga (Saskatoon)
Tapenga aka Dj Topenga throws together an elegant/sophisticated mix of chilled soundz from only the most refrigerated heavens.

*7=5 (Saskatoon): Queer-core Hip-hop magic


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