Friday, October 27, 2006

Saturday Night Pirate Dance Party information (last year)

Saturday November 11 7pm (sharp!) @ Le Relais - 308 4th Avenue North
Saskatoon Anarchist Bookfair Dance Pirate Party ! ! !!
All Ages, Licensed Bar, Sliding Scale Admission $4-$10

Performances by:
Freud - Live Getting-the-Party-Started
Friendly Neighbourhood House & Breaks from Mehta Youngs!
Debit Card - Live Elektro & Crunk
deconstructed for your pleasure by Nem Gostimirovic!
Merry Jollies - Jon Vaughn mixes up
Delirious Elektro Jams and the Happiest of House Songs!
Holzkopf - Jake Hardy mixes up the
Beats and Grooves according to the Non-Capable Philosophy!

COme EArly!!! and REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR PIRATE GARB ON YOUR BODY! it is very important that you do so. :D

Put the ARRR in Anarchy!!


Blogger L Dopa said...

I've seen the posters for this around town and I have to wonder if you people are real anarchists. If you are I'm kind of curious why you'd charge money for an event, especially since you're going to be selling books anyways.

Regardless, if your group of people happen to be the real deal(not afraid of using force to completely destroy society) I suggest we at least discuss things, There seems to be a real shortage in this town of people who can truly commit themselves to a cause. Keep in mind, force doesn't always involve violent measures, just reactive and creative ones. Hopefully we'll have an opprotunity to converse, until then, cheers.
-a possible ally

12:58 AM  
Blogger The Saskatoon Crew said...

Hi, thanks for the comment!

The bookfair itself is most definitely free, with free food, workshops, and childcare. We are charging a sliding scale admission to the dance party on saturday night to deal with the cost of the venue - we don't make any money from book sales (only the vendors do).

We hope to meet you at the fair - please come introduce yourself!
-the bookfair crew

10:46 PM  
Blogger Werner said...

Hello from Regina. I'm glad to see that anarchism is starting to be taken seriously once again out here in the prairies. I have to disagree with the poster who believes that anarchists shouldn't be charging for an event. Political beliefs don't pay bills. It's more a matter of being reasonable I would say. Also I don't get this idea about "destroying" society ... I thought the idea was to rebuild things in a better way than what we have now. Anyway I'll try to make it up to Saskabush on that weekend.

1:57 PM  
Blogger The Saskatoon Crew said...

Hey there!

You're exactly right. This event is more about rebuilding than destroying and we do require donations from people in order to make this kind of thing happen, whether that be time or money. Of course, we would never turn anyone away from an event if they could not afford it.
As for being real anarchists, I think that there is diversity within every movement, and this has to be recognized and celebrated; a more-militant-than-thou approach has only ever worked to divide movements. We are all forces of nature, violent or not, and it is important for us to celebrate this!
Thanks so much for your comments everyone! We really hope to meet you all soon!!
-the bookfair crew

10:28 AM  

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