Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The 2nd Annual Saskatoon Anarchist Book-fair is taking place Saturday, September 29th at the Cosmo Senior Citizens Centre from 10 am to 9 pm, with a kick-off party the night before at 7. All are welcome - you don't have to be an anarchist to enjoy the book-fair or the party!
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Hey everyone!

This is a reminder that the BLACK CARPET Anarchist Book Fair kick-off party is happening THIS FRIDAY at Cosmo Senior's Centre. The party STARTS at 7pm, so don't be late!

Dress snazzy, sip cocktails, and go wild to:

*DJ Swizzlestix (Saskatoon): lounge, exotica, abstract beats, crooning, limbo contests!
DJ Swizzlestix brings the diamond shaped sparkly back to sweet anarchy with her ultra-neo-fromage, all-vinyl blend of exotica and lounge classics, alongside some sweet instrumental hip-hop beats, live crooning, and perhaps the odd limbo contest or two.

*Ze and the Boyfriends
This super cute group's infectious indie/pop/new wave/dance/hardcore/electro sound is sure to move your bodies and dampen your undies!
Drawing influence from wonderfully puke-worthy trends such as spandex, Anna Nicole Smith, the Olsen Twins, plastic surgery and Barbie, Ze takes all that is shoved in our faces since day one and pukes it back into the media using modern media's tools: music, sex, image, propaganda and the internet.

*Red Medicine (Edmonton): Experimental/Indie/Mayhem!?
"For McGrath, and drummer Taylor Schaerer, punk rock doesn't necessarily equate spiky hair and studded leather. It’s rather an understanding of "punk" as a state of mind, a rebellious and constant quest for change. Red Medicine create harsh, furious noise extravaganzas which have taken root in the members’ punk origins, and then evolve them into huge sonic build-ups closer to free-form jazz and experimental music. Think Wolf Eyes meets Mogwai and you get the picture."
- Francois Marchand, SEE Magazine

*Trancer (Saskatoon):
Trancer, holy lord of the deepest of underground EDM culture, will emerge from his dark meditative domain equipted with weapons of mass excitation fully prepared to blisteringlly rock the hellshit out of the Anarchist Bookfair Pre-Party Black Carpet Event. Loading ballistic and explosive bombastic four on the floor scorchers into his digital decks, he will move the most rigid of the repressed, exorcize the most wild and untamed of inner demons, and make every boy and girl sacrifice themselves to the glory of his eurphoric golden grooves!!!

*The New Electric (Calgary): Anarchist New Wave!
What would you say would happen if a two-piece New Wave band with a drum machine shared a bill with punk and hardcore bands? Well, if that band is the New Electric, what happens is kids dance and get enthusiastic and, believe it or not, the band doesn't get beat up. The New Electric fuses a DIY Punk Ethic with a New Wave Style. Are you ready for the information age?

*Holzkopf (Saskatoon/Edmonton): a plethora of sounds by Jake...
"Hey Meagan,
I was hoping actually to do a live set of my super dancey stuff. Is a live set ok? Trust me when I say its ultra phat!

*Tapenga (Saskatoon)
Tapenga aka Dj Topenga throws together an elegant/sophisticated mix of chilled soundz from only the most refrigerated heavens.

*7=5 (Saskatoon): Queer-core Hip-hop magic

Workshop Schedule and List of Vendors- Book Fair 2007

Workshop Schedule for Saturday, Sept. 29th
11:00 - Yoga
12:00 - Bike maintenance
1:00 - Networking
1:30 - Men and Feminism
2:30 - Gender and the Queer Community
3:30 - Post-NDP Saskatchewan
4:30 - Aboriginal issues in Canada and the globe
5:30 - Armed resistance / Self-defense

11-12: Vinyasa Yoga -- Cultivating Awareness of Self: Multi-level practice with Georgina Ng

We will practice a vigorous and stimulating asana-vinyasa designed to remove blockages from the casual, subtle, and physical bodies. This yoga is a form of moving meditation, drawing awareness into the current moment and into understanding the true nature of the self. We will also utilize pranayama (breathing) techniques to steady the mind by focusing on the energy behind the breath. Remember that you are not your body, you are not your mind, you are the soul, atman, eternal and undying! Connect to this and find experience bliss.

Georgina Ng is a young spiritual artist originally from Saskatoon, SK where the wheat grows thick and the canola grows high, just returned to our fair city after two years of travel and practice through Europe, India, and China. I'm dedicated to sharing what I've learned on the yogic path with as many receptive beings as possible...teaching yoga wherever it's needed, and working on breaking down those cultural barriers and letting the love flow through!

Come with an empty stomach and a yoga mat if you've got one, if not I've some to share!

LUNCH 12:00 (and beyond - we'll eat in shifts to spread out the dish-washing workload)

12:00 - 1:00 Fraser Baalim facilitates Bike Maintenance

An experienced DIY bike mechanic, Fraser will demonstrate a step-by-step approach to common repairs: fixing tires, chains, and brakes. He will also run through the essentials in maintaining a healthy, happy bike to keep you on 2 wheels all year round. Bring your bike if you want! Tools provided.

1:00: Ali Lake facilitates Networking and Collaborating

This will be a facilitated get-to-know-you session for anyone who wants to take advantage of the huge collective knowledge base of book-fair attendees, make new friends and valuable contacts. The process will continue more casually throughout the day with the aid of (optional) nametags and an on-going networking wall.

Ali Lake is one of the organizers of the Anarchist Book Fair. She is a student of biology, a comics artist, and the inventer of fabulous foods.

1:30: Farzad Bawani - Feminism: History and Experience

The talk focuses on the history of feminist thought and movement from the point of view of its impact on male self-consciousness and social activism. It presents an overview of the critical vision and the social scope of the three waves of feminism, in order to highlight the changing character of women social movement. The presentation places greater emphasis on the rupture and continuity created by the third wave and expounds its impact on identity and popular culture. Finally, the talk concludes by reflecting on the changing nature of private and public spheres and opens the floor for questions.

Farzad Bawani has Ph.D. in psychology from Montreal. He works as mental health professional and educational consultant. He relocated to Saskatoon in 2001. Farzad comes from a background of social activism, depth psychology, cultural studies, community work, and service development. His primary focus and preoccupation has been issues of social justice involving the struggle against disenfranchisement, social exclusion, and race and gender inequalities. His passion is to work with and to learn from all those who promote equality, youth-family wellbeing, and public health and education. In his spare time, Farzad paints, plays guitar, reads, writes, and celebrates life with friends.

2:30: Garnet Woloschuk - Gender Roles and the Queer Community

This workshop will confront the ways in which the GLBT community affects gender roles, how homophobia supports the status quo of gender roles, how drag and transgendered people effect gender norms and how the gendered privileged affects the queer community.

Garnet Woloschuk is the Director of Educational Programming at the Avenue Community Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity in Saskatoon.

3:30: Christine Regnier - Life in Saskatchewan Post-NDP

Worried about what will be going on in Saskatchewan if/after the Sask Party gets elected? Come join this important discussion about Saskatchewan's (and its neighbours') future.

Christine Regnier is a social and political activist in Saskatoon. She is an educator, social worker, researcher, and mother with experience and extensive knowledge in community organizing, government processes, the legal system, and citizen's rights.

4:30: Eriel and Sue Deranger - Aboriginal Issues in Canada: “Where do we fit in on a global scale?”

Aboriginal peoples of Canada are in a very precarious position that is both privileged and detrimental. On the one hand the Aboriginal peoples of Canada are privileged enough to live within a country that is both “developed” and “democratic”. This allows some advantages to pursue and pressure the governments to uphold certain fundamental human rights and intrinsic treaty rights that are the basis of our country. However, it’s unfortunate that it is the same governments that developed and built systems to subjugate the Aboriginal peoples of this country. In fact, the Canadian government and the Crown did such a good job of creating tactics of control and subjugation they have been used to model some of the world’s most appalling genocide systems, such as Apartheid.

This workshop will be an interactive discussion, learning and forward planning session that will focus on Aboriginal issues nationally and internationally. In addition, we will look at how the onset of globalization and ICT’s are bringing Indigenous people together, contribute to building international partnerships, and how they are bringing grassroots struggles into the forefronts of politics and the media.

Susana Deranger is a member of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation who resides in Regina, Saskatchewan. She is an educator and a researcher with a BA, BEd, and MEd in Curriculum and Instruction. She is the International Partnership and Special Projects Coordinator for the National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation. She also was part of a team that developed a Masters of Indigenous Education Program at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Chiapas (UNACH) in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico and a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Development and Management at UNACH in San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico.

Eriel Deranger is a member of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation who resides in Regina, Saskatchewan. Eriel is currently the National Aboriginal Youth Engagement Coordinator for Creating Local Connections Canada, a project of TakingITGlobal. In this position her goal is to inspire, inform and involve Aboriginal youth in becoming active, engaged members of their communities. Her work contributes to the construct of a cohesive network of youth working for and with Aboriginal organizations in Canada.

Eriel was recently chosen as one of three Aboriginal youth from Canada to attend the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) in New York City, where she contributed to the development of the United Nations International Indigenous Youth Caucus. This youth caucus successfully wrote and submitted two statements and set of recommendations to the Forum. From these recommendations the UNPFII has accepted Indigenous Child and Youth Issues as a permanent agenda item for future forums.

5:30: Silas Kallikoph - Armed Resistance/Self-Defense

An exchange of information and ideas on the role of armed resistance in socio-political movements, including the ethics behind armed resistance. The topics of insurrectional activities, armed self defence, some information on tactics, improvised weapons, firearms, knife fighting, organization, etc. will be touched upon. This is a space for discussion, so please come with an open mind!

6:30 and on: Supper


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is anarchism?
Answer: For a pretty comprehensive discussion of anarchist thought, see the Wikipedia article on anarchism. Short Answer: Anarchism is the belief that hierarchy (one party exerting power OVER another party) is harmful and should be replaced by non-hierarchical forms of organization. Many anarchists use consensus decision-making methods. Many anarchists also work against various forms of oppression, allying them with social justice activists. However, like any political belief, anarchism is an umbrella term encompassing a diversity of perspectives. The bookfair will be a great place to debate this definition!

2. How can you have a bookfair? Don't you want to destroy everything?
Answer: See number one. Also look up "nihilism" and "fatalism" in wikipedia while you're at it.

3. Why have a bookfair?
Answer: A bookfair can be a way to share information, spark discussion, provide free skill-building workshops to the public, allow anarchists and activists to network, spread alternative & radical media that is widely unavailable, and catalyze societal change. Plus it will be fun and relaxed, and you don't have to be an anarchist to come hang out.

4. Is it free? What costs money? Where does the money go?
FREE: Admission to the bookfair is free, and this includes vegan food, childcare, and all workshops. Donations will be accepted at the door.

$$: Vendors will be selling books and other media at the bookfair, usually at very low prices. The party on Saturday night has a sliding-scale admission of $3 - $10, which means that you can pay whatever you can afford in that range to get in. Drinks will be sold at the party.

Any money raised through donations at the bookfair or at the party will go directly to recoup expenses (eg. venue rental, food, printing, etc.) OR possibly to next year's event. The book-fair is entirely volunteer-run.

5. Are children welcome?
Answer: Absolutely! At all times during the book-fair on Saturday there will be a responsible, friendly someone designated to childcare so that parents can feel free to attend workshops. There will be fun activities set up for all ages.

6. Who's putting this on?
Answer: A few independent Saskatoon-based activists formed a committee. If you'd like to be on it to help plan for next year, let us know!

7. How can I help?
Answer: Show up and ask the organizers how to help in the kitchen, with child-care, or with set-up, take-down, and clean-up. We rely on casual volunteers to keep things running smoothly - please consider pitching in for a few minutes! But most of all, come to the bookfair and have a good time, bring your friends, and make some new connections. Afterward, please give us feedback on how you think the bookfair went.

More questions?
E-mail us at saskatoonanarchy@gmail.com