Thursday, May 03, 2012

Finalized Workshop Schedule

"Will You Go Down On Me?"
A group discussion touching on contraception, including emergency contraception (hormonal and non-hormonal, "natural" options), addressing gender roles and patriarchy... in a sexual context, open communication with your partner or partners, openly expressing your needs and desires, safer sex in both homo and heterosexual encounters, maturbation, and positive body imagine in the bedroom (or anywhere you do it!). Followed by a sassy brainstorming session on ways that we as womyn and grrls can be supportive of each others personal journey to sexual empowerment.

"Stepping Up for Future Generations: Resistance Against the Nuclear Waste Dump in Northern Saskatchewan"
A discussion on the proposed nuclear waste storage site in Northern Saskatchewan to bury used nuclear bundles underground which would remain highly radio active for hundreds of thousands of years. The presenters will be sharing their experience on 7000 Generations Walk where the community members and their supporters walked from Pinehouse to Regina last summer to raise awareness about the issue. The workshop will also discuss how activists in Saskatoon and other cities can support their struggle. Presented by the Committee for Future Generations

"Permaculture In a Changing World"
Permaculture is an ecological design system for sustainability in all aspects of human endeavor. This workshop is a discussion on the basics of Permaculture and how groups of people around the world are learning the skills to live within environmental limits. It will look into Saskatchewan's role as the "bread basket" of the world, and how this role will change in the future as society encounters the limits of oil, climate stability, water, and other increasingly scarce resources. Permaculture can offer the tools to face this predicament with creativity and increasing resilience. Valuable information for the apartment dweller to the farmer.
Presented by Rooted

"Anarchist Organizations"
A discussion that will include a basic introduction to anarchist organizational principles, including what can be learned from the platformist and especifista traditions. Prairie Struggle Regina members will use practical examples from their own experiences, both within anarchist organizations and as participants in a range of labour and social movement organizations to demonstrate some of the relative strengths and weaknesses of different organizational approaches. This workshop will offer space for discussion on the benefits of and challenges faced by contemporary anarchist organizations.
Presented by the Prairie Struggle Organization.

"Anarchist Ecologies"
This workshop will explore the intersection of anarchy and ecology, looking at issues including food, water, climate, and more. We will consider a range of environmental actions undertaken by anarchists, as well as the ecological underpinnings of contemporary movements challenging corporate globalization, militarism, and increasingly dehumanizing and destructive economic systems. The aim is to reclaim an inherent ecological sensibility, and to draw upon it in our political work and social processes alike.
Presented by Randall Amster

"Imagined Communities: An Indigenous Manifesto Regarding The Occupy Movement"
The Occupy movement this fall captured the attention of the world, changing the narrative of political discourse in the West. We must not forget that occupation is nothing new to this land.
Presented by Anna Hunter

"The Quebec Student Movement: History, Politics and Anarchist Involvement."
This workshop takes a look at the history of the Quebec student movement from the 1960's to the 2012 general strike, its victories and blunders and its politics and strategies. In many ways anarchists have influenced this union movement profoundly. Testimony from an anarchist who participated in the 2005 and 2007 Quebec student strikes will answer the questions of 'Why are anarchists involved' and 'why is it important to promote these types of unions across Canada'.
Presented by the Prairie Struggle Organization.

"Environmental Justice in the Age of Austerity"
Around the world we are witnessing the rise of peoples' movements to address injustice and unsustainability. This workshop will discuss how environmental justice provides a framework to respond to the corporate onslaught and dismantling of publicly subsidized environmental programs and mainstream non-governmental organizations in the name of austerity. We will point to the strength of peoples' movements building horizontallly from the grassroots, rather than the hierarchical and institutionalized modes of organization characteristic of many non-governmental organizations. Our discussion will look into the future reflecting on effective strategies and tactics for movement building solidarity, resisting destruction, and developing alternatives.
Presented by Environmental Justice Saskatoon

"The Art of Self-Publishing"
Local author Wes Funk will provide ideas and tactics for those
interested in controlling the publishing and distribution of their
writing. Applies to more than just novelists. Zinesters get in here!